5 expert but easy ways to get sexy, silky smooth sensual lips

Did you know that you can express yourself just with your lips? Probably, lips were invented because words sometimes fail. So why not keep that part of you beautiful and sensual?! Below are 5 pointers to get sexy, silky smooth sensual lips.

💋  Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated as dehydration leads to chapped skin.

💋  Dab a moderate coat of petroleum jelly or vaseline onto your lips for few minutes to soften the upper layer of the skin.

💋  Use a soft toothbrush and gently move it in a circular motion all along your lips to exfoliate and remove the dead skin.

💋  Wipe off your lips with cold water followed by dab drying it with a towel.

💋  Apply your favorite lip colour and you are ready for a great Lip Day.

Photo: Jim Ankan Deka | Model: Taniya

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