3 easy ways to get natural looking curls without visiting a beauty salon

It was a day trip to Dudhnoi and I was engrossed with the greens on both sides of the road. Me and my friend Jubee were having a conversation over my blog when she suggested me to write a blog on hair-curls. I'm blessed with natural curls. Her thought was why not others too enjoy the same? Yes, you can have natural looking curls at least for few hours with little bit of work.

Getting natural looking curls can become a tough task at times. Here are three simple methods.

#1 - Socks (Ah! I will always have one of it)

1. Wash your hair and towel dry or spray a portion of water mixed with rose water on your hair (just before the activity we are about to show you)

2. Apply some hair gel or mousse to towel dried hair / apply a tiny portion to every set of hair that you separate.

3. Divide small sections of your hair and roll it with the piece of sock followed by a tight knot (do it for the entire hair)

4. Let it stay for the night. (Time to sleep)

5. Untie the knots one by one and you are done. Make your fingertip dance on the edges of your hair to get a natural look. (Now you are in love with your curls for sure.)

#2 - My very own Braids and buns

1. Clean and dry hair.

2. Apply mousse or gel to untangled hair.

3. Make braids or buns on every divided portion of your hair. (the more braids or buns, the tighter curls you get)

4. Let it sit for the night.

5. Unloose the braids and get those waves then unloose the waves with your fingers and you are ready for a beach wave look.

#3 - Towel (Now this one is my favorite and the easiest)

1. Wash and dry your hair.

2. Apply some mousse or gel to hold the curls and detangle your hair by using a wide tooth comb.

3. Lay a cotton tee or towel on a flat surface and flip your hair upside down lowering your curls against the towel.

4. Wrap the towel around the rest of your hair and tie a knot with the corners of the tee or towel.

5. Leave it for 30 minutes to an hour or let it dry overnight (any amount of time that works best for you). And there you are; ready after releasing the waves.

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