An Iranian beauty in Indian Bridal Makeover by Jenie's Mascara

A touch of pink | © Jenie's Mascara
I would call her the 'Indian Romany Bride'. She is an Iranian traveler from Germany; traveling for many years; and have been narrating her and her partner's experiences eversince they started their close to endless journey. Yes, both of them are writers and already published their first book in 2017. We became friends on social media. That was when she and her partner decided to see the different colors of the North-east India and landed at our place. We spent many days together having fun and one bright sunny day we decided to do a makeover shoot.

She is an Iranian beauty with a touch of Indian glam. Her eyes could speak thousand words in a blink and the mesmerising smile can brighten every season. What I loved most was her weavy, long and strong hair which just roll through the shoulders like a stream. Thank you Rochssana. You are just beautiful naturally.

Makeup: Jenie's Mascara
Camera: Jim Ankan Deka
Model: Rochssana
Re-touch: Purple Trope
Powered by OK North East

close your eyes whilst the world sees | © Jenie's Mascara
Preety day with the beautiful ! | © Jenie's Mascara
And the jewels complete me | © Jenie's Mascara
the golden whisper !!! | © Jenie's Mascara
twirls & curls | © Jenie's Mascara


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