The ‘purple story' by Jenie's Mascara - a concept makeover theme

..dancing to the solo beats
"Nothing is better than being yourself when the life itself is black & white! But, a little touch of the colors never hurt..."

It was a sunny morning in September and the color purple was engraved in my mind somehow. Hence, made a plan for a concept make-up shoot with the touch of the colour ‘purple’. And who could I've chosen other than Riki. I knew it would totally apposite her. Although she was not very sure if she could do it but I somehow convinced her. We shot on a Sunday and it took me quite less time to do the makeover. Riki has great skin and so smooth that everything from there went smoothly. And here we have the ‘purple story’...

Makeup: Jenie's Mascara
Camera: Jim Ankan Deka
Model: Riki
Re-touch: Purple Trope

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The purple story
...that drives me within
...and sometimes two colors can play the role
...when I breathe alone

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