5 tricks to feel beautiful everyday

Most of us live in a very polluted surroundings. And our skin is affected the most. A polluted atmosphere around you can leave a big impact on your health and skin. Although, the skin begins to lose moisture and elasticity with age naturally, but, pollution in the air is one of the main reasons of skin damage. It is because toxins in the air cause skin age prematurely, especially, of the face, neck and hands. Smog, dirt and dust in the air clog pores and give the skin a dull appearance. As we have a very few option to leave the regular city-lifestyle, we can still manage to keep our skin intact and out of harm. Here are few basic and stress-free ways. A good skin also means a happy mind.

Drink plenty of water

Water covers the maximum portion in your body. So it is necessary to keep your body hydrated by adding maximum amount of water to flush out the toxic and waste substances from your body. Water helps in maintaining the skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cell and increases its elasticity. It is the best alternative to expensive anti - aging treatments which help in delaying wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water everyday helps in keeping your skin cleansed and hydrated, encouraging clear and fresh complexion.

Inhale fresh air

Your skin is the mirror to the mental and physical state of your body. Hence, spending some quality time with mother nature will help in detoxification of the body. A place surrounded by greenery, with pure air will allow your skin to breath and revitalize. You can even plan a walk, trekking or even a picnic at an unpolluted place which will not just make your skin smile but also make you re-energise and excited about life again. A polluted environment is the reason why many of us end up feeling dull.

Why don't you just smile

You have got a reason to smile now as it helps in improving the quality of the skin. Smiling holds a basket full of beauty benefits which includes - looking younger, makes you feel good, stress reduction therapy, it's attractive, lifts the face muscles. Smiling will naturally boost your serotonin level, which is the 'feel good hormones'. Every smile of your can brighten up someone's day too. Thus, do the things which make you smile and happy; take out some time today to just smile.

Enjoy the sunlight

The damage sun does to your skin is a constant buzz among people. But according to the new studies, 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure in the morning hours before 9AM will help you absorb some Vitamin D into your body. Vitamin D helps in preventing premature aging and damage to your skin structure. While over exposing is surely not a safe option, some time in the sun is definitely helpful. Do keep an alarm to notify you. Sunbathing was a part of yoga in the ancient times to heal different illness. Sunlight can help people suffering from depression too. Now you can make it a habit to step out and enjoy the rays the first thing in the morning and get rejuvinated.


Meditation is one of the stressless practices that can truly revitalize your skin. It is a practice that helps to rest your mind and keeps you calm physically and mentally. If practised properly and consistently it can be like an anti-aging pill which cleanses every bad element from inside the body. Having a beautiful skin is both internal and external affair, so dedicate yourself a few minutes for meditation. The more you meditate, the more you rediate which in return reduces your stress and creates a better you.

- by Jenie's Mascara | Photo: Jim Ankan Deka

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