Painting her thoughts | concept makeover by Jenie's Mascara

with those closed eyes | by Jenie's Mascara
Every face is an art and every art has an expression; while we at Jenie's Mascara try to design the illusion. One fine day we found this beautiful face to create the story. She agreed to be the canvas and the brushes accompanied by the colors did the magic. The combination narrated the thoughts at last.

Concept & Makeover: Jenie's Mascara
Model - Rajlakshmi Das
Camera - Jim Ankan Deka
Retouch - Purple Trope
Powered by - OK! North East
silence is beautiful | by Jenie's Mascara
Her triangular phase | by Jenie's Mascara
the magic brush which created the tricks | by Jenie's Mascara


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  3. Amazing mascara styles!!! my sister would love to design them with her new diamond jewelry. It will match the pink lehenga perfectly.... full hand mehndi design


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