Naturals Only ! Overnight beauty tips to wake up pretty and charming

Hello there! Don't you wish that everyday you should feel refreshed and you wake up to a better version of you? How would you like to see yourself looking fabulous every morning? Here are 5 easy and natural tips to look and feel beautiful even before coming out of the bed.

1. Goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes 

Massage the area around your eyes with a small amount of almond oil or coffee oil using your ring finger to treat dark circles and fines lines. Practice this on a regular basis for a faster result.

2. Care for your Hair 

Massage a small amount of warm hair oil into your roots using your fingertips in circular motion. A few drops of lavender oil mixed with your favourite hair oil will get you healthy hair and promote sleep. A good method for faster hair growth.

3. Soft and pink lips 

Exfoliate your lips using a soft and clean toothbrush. Then apply a thin layer of sweet almond oil or honey over the lips before going to bed. Do this once or twice a week and wake up to soft and pink lips.

4. Grow eyebrow/eyelash 

Castor oil can help you moisturize and condition your eyebrows and eyelashes to make them grow longer and stronger. Apply castor oil to your eyelashes and eyebrows before you hit the bed. You can take help of a clean Q-tip and dab the oil along your top lash line and eyebrows.

5. Soft hands 

Exfoliate the hands using a homemade scrub made of olive oil and brown sugar. Then massage your hands using a small amount of hand cream shea butter and slip them into some soft gloves. You are ready to wake up to softer, smoother and younger looking hands.

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